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I was admitted to the bar in 1998. I have studied law at the University of Zurich and University of Essex in England (EU Law). My PhD thesis with which I was promoted Dr. iur. in 2000 was about The Swiss Sports Cooperation. Further, I hold additional diplomas such as a Postgraduate Diploma in EU Competition Law of the University of London and a Diploma of Advanced Studies of the University of St. Gallen (Management for the Legal Profession).

My legal expertise lies mainly in private and contract law (in particular labour law, lease law, family law and inheritance law) and additionally in school law and neighborhood law but also in various other legal fields.

It is important to me, that professional legal advice is affordable for everyone. For this reason, on Tuesdays I offer a hotline for reduced fees for family, labour and school law. Online bookings can be made here.
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Furthermore, I have developped an App that provides low-cost support for your daily legal problems.

Inheritance law is full of legal pitfalls. For instance, drafting an enforceable last will is by far not as easy as it might seem at first sight. Even more complicated it gets if the last will is to be combined with a matrimonial agreement in order to agree on a mutual beneficial treatment to the greatest extent possible. Further, in case of disputes related to the distribution of an inheritance the heirs often have to get the advise of a specialised legal expert.

Lease law is a very difficult to understand in detail for non-lawyers, eg in case of incomprehensible calculations of accessory charges, increase of the rent or regarding who might be an acceptable successor as lessee in case of an extraordinary termination of the lease contract. Being advised by a legal specialist supports you in not making any mistakes or even missing deadlines.

Often contracts are not concluded in writing what is not a problem as long as there are no discussions about the content of the contract. Only too late, people realise that it would have been advisable to conclude the work contract or assignment in writing. I am happy to support you in this respect, be it for the drafting of simple loan contracts up to complicated work contracts; and, of course, also in case of disputes about the interpretation of a contract or even in litigation cases.

Do you have problems with the management of the school of your kids? Is your child handicapped and not allowed to the ordinary school or have you not passed a final exam because the teacher has not corrected your work in a fair manner? In such cases, legal support is often advisable. As deadlines to file an appeal are very short it is important to act immediately.

Have you been terminated unexpectedly, is your letter of recommendation not as it should be, do you not get your salary payments during vacation, are you treated unfairly by colleagues or do you have another problem at work? It certainly helps to address problems early enough and not to wait until the situation escalates. Therefore, having recourse to a legal expert is advisable already at an early stage.

Are you planning to be separated or even divorced? Do you have discussions about financial obligations to family members or other tensions in your family? Such problems should whenever possible be settled in good faith, even more so if little children are concerned as well. I am glad to give you legal advice in such difficult situation always with a view to avoid litiation.

Competent and efficient legal advice and litigation with expertise in a broad area of law.

It is important to me, that professional legal advice is affordable for everyone. This is why I entirely focus on your needs and do not spend money unnessesarily on representative office space down-town.

Beside personal legal advice, you also have the opportunity to get a first answer to your legal problem with my LawApp which, for the time being, is not yet available in English.

I am looking forward to being contacted by you.


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