On Thursdays, we offer uncomplicated and quick legal advice with our telephone hotline.

For a reduced fee of CHF 100 you can book half hourly slots between 8.30 am and 3.30 pm.

Small firms have the same legal needs but often not the necessary internal legal resources. We are happy to support you with legal advice in and out of court in a wide range of legal fields related to your business, in particular:

Labour Law
eg: Labour Contracts; Dismissals of employees, Recommendation Letters, Salary Models

Lease Law
eg: Calculation in connection with the rent or extra costs

Contract Law
eg: Leasing or Franchise Contracts, Distribution Contracts, Disputs with Distributors or Customers

M&A Transactions
all for of M&A Transactions such as mergers, asset or share deals and others

Succession Planing
within or outside your family

Appointments only upon prior agreement. Advice also via telephone or skype.

Online bookings for Thursday's telephone hotline for legal advice.

We are happy to support you in private and public law matter (particularly in School and Education Law) as well as in Criminal Law Matters.

Inheritance law is full of legal pitfalls. For instance, drafting an enforceable last will is by far not as easy as it might seem at first sight. Even more complicated it gets if the last will is to be combined with a matrimonial agreement. Further, in case of disputes related to the distribution of the assets the heirs often have to get the advice of a specialised legal expert.

Lease law is very difficult to understand in detail for non-lawyers, eg in case of incomprehensible calculations of accessory charges, increase of the rent or regarding the question who might be an acceptable successor as lessee in case of an extraordinary termination of the lease contract. Being advised by a legal specialist supports you in not making any mistakes or even missing deadlines.

Do you need a lawyer in a criminal law case for yourself or your children? In case of a criminal prosecution, it is of utmost importance to have professional legal support. Your first testimony at the police station of with the prosecutor is crucial for the further proceedings. Mistakes at this stage are not to be rectified easily later. Contact us immediately.

Do you have problems with the management of the school of your kids? Is your child handicapped and not allowed to the ordinary school or have you not passed a final exam because the teacher has not corrected your work in a fair manner? In such cases, legal support is often advisable. As deadlines to file an appeal are very short it is important to act immediately.

Has your labour contract been terminated unexpectedly, is your letter of recommendation not as it should be, do you not get your salary payments during vacation, are you treated unfairly by colleagues or do you have another problem at work? It certainly helps to address problems early enough and not to wait until the situation escalates. Therefore, having recourse to a legal expert is advisable already at an early stage. We support you in private and public labour law matters.

Are you planning to be separated or even divorced? Do you have discussions about financial obligations to family members or other tensions in your family? Such problems should whenever possible be settled in good faith, even more so if little children are concerned as well. We are glad to give you legal advice in such difficult situation always with a view to avoid litigation.

Modern and competent legal advice and litigation in a broad area of law.

As  experienced lawyers, we are pleased to support you in an efficient and solution-oriented way; be it in a short meeting, a telephone call or in a litigation.

We are looking forward to being contacted by you.

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