Terms of Use



Terms of Use:

By loading the LawApp in the AppStore you are granted the right to use the LawApp for private purposes. Commercial usage (eg for providing legal advice to third parties) is expressly not allowed.

There are three different subscriptions available. For only CHF 10 for a month, CHF 20 for three months or CHF 60 for an entire year, you have access to the full content of the LawApp. The subscription is renewed if not terminated prior to renewal. If you subscribe to one year you are entitled to three hours of personal legal advice for a preferential hourly rate of CHF 180 (plus VAT).

Often legal problems are much too complex in order to be finally answered via the LawApp; in these cases having recourse to personal legal advice is necessary.

The liability for damages in connection with the LawApp is limited as far as legally allowed.


When using the App the following data is being processed: (i) In case of the purchase of a subscription (in-App-purchase) the data that is necessary to process the purchase. These data is transferred to Apple in order to be used for the transaction; (ii) In case of sending a contact form, the transmitted data (such as e-mail address, name, telephone number etc). These data will only be used in connection with getting into contact with each other, and will not be transferred to third parties.

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