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Dr. André Kalbermatter, LL.M., Attorney-at-law

You have a legal problem and would like to have fairly priced and quick - but nevertheless professional legal advice? Has your labour contract been terminated surprisingly, do you need to know whether you are entitled to return the TV you just bought or are you unsure who has to pay for the damages in your apparment? The LawApp provides you with answers to these and a lot of other legal questions. Please check the below video in order to see how easy the App works and provides you with legal support. Of course, often legal problems are much too complex in order to be finally answered via the LawApp; in these cases having recourse to personal legal advice is necessary. The LawApp is only available in German.

For only CHF 10 for a month, CHF 20 for three months or CHF 60 for an entire year, you have access to the full content of the LawApp. The LawApp is updated on a regular basis, be it with additional legal field or with new legal questions of the daily life. If you subscribe to one year you even are entitled to three hours of personal legal advice for a preferential hourly rate of CHF 180.

Video-Example: Question related to lease law

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